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Chronicles of a Footloose Forester

By Dick Pellek


Tags and Related Posts


If you have any interest in attracting readers to the subject matter in any of your posts, you may want to inspect and review your use of tags, as part and parcel of your blogs.  With the magnificent opportunity of creating and sharing your ideas with others around the world from a single place--your personal space in LegacyStories.org, you can say what is on your mind and have your ideas span the globe within a few seconds of hitting the PUBLISH STORY bar.  Think about that!

Most people who have Legacy Stories accounts have personal, family-related interests at heart.  But some like the Footloose Forester see an opportunity to share anecdotes, life stories, tips on tree planting, world travel, human interest stories, and other, yet undecided subjects, with anybody who takes the time to read his blogs.  Scroll on by, if you choose.  It is not my intention to obligate you or commit you to anything, except to the idea that you can widen your reach and strengthen your messages by using TAGS when you commit your ideas to a blog that is transmitted through Legacy Stories.

Why are tags an important part of a polished blog?  And how do TAGS relate to RELATED POSTS?   Tags are indicators of what the subject matter is really about.  You, as a blogger, want the reader to know that the subject has an important reason for it to be committed to print, and be a part of your treasured thoughts.  So, you assign it to a particular category of a relevant subject matter.  And how does that relate to the associated category of RELATED POSTS?   The reader is immediately informed, by way of pictorial hints, what the relationship is between one post and another. People are easily distracted so it is sometimes important to keep them in focus.




Be sure to include a photo or other graphic depiction of the subject matter in your original post and you will have a visual clue appear at the bottom on the page regarding what the general theme is, or what keywords or ideas are associated with your postings.  As it turns out, 5 pictorial tags appeared at the bottom of a posting on one media site but 5 different pictorial tags appeared at the bottom of another media site. That makes 10 tags relating to the same subject, probably a feature of the shuffling of the tag menus. The Footloose Forester is fond of sharing ideas about forestry, so he makes an effort to include a photo or graphic depiction in his blogs to make his views more widely known.  People do not have to agree with what he says, but would be aware of what he thinks.  After all, the purposes of communication are: To Instruct, To Inform, and To Entertain.  





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